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Current Cake menu

almond Cake

filled with Lemon curd and pistachio buttercream

Boston Cream Pie 

Two layers of sponge cake filled with Vanilla custard, covered in chocolate glaze 

Chocolate layer

Filled with dark chocolate ganache and glazed with more rich dark chocolate

Rum Cake

vanilla sponge soaked with rum and espresso, topped with coffee buttercream and chocolate Ganache

Carrot Cake

Three layers of carrot cake filled with cream cheese icing, frosted with white chocolate buttercream (*contains almond flour)

Vegan Cake

chocolate, vanilla or coconut

6" (Serves 7-8p) = 30
GF or vegan = 36

8" (Serves 8-10) = 45
GF or vegan = 54

Black and white 

Chocolate chiffon cake layered with vanilla buttercream, covered with chocolate crumbs

Coconut Cake

filled with coconut buttercream and coated with coconut flakes

Chocolate Mocha

Chocolate cake layered with mocha buttercream and chocolate ganache

Vanilla lemon

Vanilla cake with tangy lemon curd and vanilla buttercream

*Lemon poppyseed cake available 

German Chocolate

Chocolate chiffon cake filled with coconut and pecans, covered in chocolate glaze

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