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About  Noisette

Here at Noisette Pastry Kitchen we are committed to infusing high-quality local ingredients

with old world techniques and culinary artistry.


Our methodology is about more than just excellence; it is rooted in innovation through tradition, the belief that blending disparate techniques and local ingredients can create novel food experiences. Using methods and recipes from around the world, past and present, we blend centuries of knowledge and put them on your plate.


Our wide array of flavors come packaged in familiar forms  and all at an incredible value to ensure our food remains accessible. This focus on accessibility stems from our commitment to our broader community. Noisette Pastry Kitchen aims to be a nexus for food innovation and community in Eugene, connecting local farmers and producers with eager consumers through food experiences— the savory, the sweet, the eclectic and the surprisingly familiar.


So whether you are looking for a new experience or are just craving a crisp baquette, stop by and visit. Together, we can build a community unified around fine food—not just as defined by raw ingredients or white-table cloths and tiny portions — but with a focus on technique and accessibility. 


Join us in our quest to redefine food innovation through tradition. 

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