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Covid - 19 

Policies and Procedures

Updated DECember, 2020

Our Dining Room

As businesses in our community reopen, Noisette continues to exclusively offer takeout for pick up, curbside, or delivery. 


The health and safety of our team and our guests is paramount as we continue to navigate the new reality a pandemic brings. Thus, we will not be opening our dining room. Noisette will continue to offer takeout for pick up, curbside, or delivery. Ordering is easy via phone, our online store, and walk-ins.


In order to limit exposure and cross-contamination, employees will be wearing masks, washing hands even more frequently.


Using credit cards, Apple Pay or Google-Samsung Pay, or other contactless methods are preferred to minimize cross-contamination. However,  we understand that is not possible for all and we will continue to accept cash.


In order to maintain a minimum of 6’ distance between guests and our team, we have designated one door to enter, and another door to exit. Additionally, we have floor decals to indicate where to stand in order to remain 6’ from other patrons.


In order to help keep our staff and customers safe, the Governor has required that all businesses as well as customers wear masks. We love seeing your faces, even if partially obscured 😷


We encourage guests to use our online store to place orders for pickup, curbside or local delivery ($6).  You can even call our store to have us hold your favorite treat as well (541) 654-5257.


Thank you for your continued support and encouragement as we all navigate this new world.

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